Live Below the Line: Day 1

Day 1 of living below the line is now complete! I feel like I have eaten more food today then I do on a normal day. Although on a normal day, I always start it off with a cup of coffee but not today, I couldn't afford it in my £1 budget. I am definitely having coffee withdrawals and this headache won't go away, oh well all for a good cause. My breakfast this morning consisted of 2 sunny side up fried eggs seasoned with mix herbs and 2 small potatoes chopped and baked. It was actually pretty satisfying! All I would have done different was use a little oil for the potatoes and eggs and then season with some salt and pepper. Overall, it was a very nice breakfast and cost 26p to make. On to lunch, I made a pasta vegetable soup. This was my least favourite meal today. It was ok, a bit bland, but it was very filling and cost 16p to make. Dinner was my favourite meal today. It consisted of 4 sausages, 3 small potatoes, and vegetables. I seasoned the meal by crumbling a stock cube in the last 5 minutes of cooking. I had to be creative with what I bought and thought the stock cube could serve 2 purposes, make a stock or season dishes, as I couldn't afford salt and pepper. The sausages weren't as good as ones that have more meat in it but it was good enough for my budget. I just finished eating dinner and I feel so full and it only cost me 50p. I also made a hard boiled egg for a snack today but I haven't eaten it as I really didn't feel hungry for it but I have to put that towards today's budget and the egg was 8p. I used 7 out of 9 ingredients that I bought for the week. I don't think I will run out of food this week but might be bored with what I make... but that is part of this challenge to realise that some people don't have a lot of food choices and do the best they can with what they have. The hardest part I found about today was not being able to have coffee or any other flavoured drink as I could only afford the free water. Other then that I feel pretty good about today and sticking to my budget with my total coming in today at £1 spent!

Sponsorship total today: £50!

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  1. Good going Mike! Looking forward to seeing how Day 2 is going for you! I'm finding it harder today as yesterday I was having a lazy bank holiday and today I've actually had to go to work. All the best with the rest of the challenge!