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Cake Batter Fudge

I love fudge but stay away from the recipes where you have to use a candy thermometer, I like the easy recipes! One of these days I will try fudge making that way, once I get around to actually buying a candy thermometer. For now, here is a simple recipe I first saw on Pinterest and then on one of those Pinterest fail sites. I love cake batter anything, so had to try this recipe out. I was worried it would come out looking more like the failed version, which they described as "meat coloured fudge", gross! I learned from their failure to add the sprinkles in at the last minute with minimal mixing in, which the original recipe does mention as well, so very important step. Use whatever cake mix you can find in the shops, I want to try out a chocolate version! This fudge is amazingly yummy!! It is very sweet and initially I thought one square was enough for a little treat but I found myself going back for more and more. Try out this super easy and yummy recipe: Baked from a Box: Cake Batter Fudge

Mid-year update... I'm still alive!

I can't believe it is now June and I haven't posted any new posts this year!! It has been a bit of a crazy busy year so far and unfortunately my blog has been neglected. I started off the year being in the states, then right back into school, a little bit of work, became addicted to making green smoothies, a giant order of truffles for our friends' wedding, some pinterest DIY projects for the garden, and just returned from a trip to sunny Spain. It doesn't sound like much in one sentence but that has been the past 5 months for me. A majority of the time has been taken up with school but I am 15 credits closer to my degree with a 4.0 GPA for this past semester, a first for me! I start my summer courses this Monday and I know I will be busy, but I want to make time for my blog by trying to post at least once each month! Thank you for the visitors that continue to read my past posts and I hope you continue to come back! Hope everyone has a great summer, hope we get one in England this year!

The truffles I made for our friends' wedding
before being boxed up. Recipe

Green smoothies and school work... a typical day for me this year.
My fave smoothie recipes come from IncredibleSmoothies.com

2 of our garden projects recently completed. Thanks to Pinterest for the ideas,
love that site! We painted old plastic lawn chairs and made a table out of pallets!