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First Order Completed!

I received my first official order from a friend at work for her daughter's 18th birthday party. She wanted 60 cupcakes and some kind of American theme, as that was the theme of the party! I have never made that many cupcakes before but was ready for the challenge! We decided on making an American Flag out of cupcakes! Here are some pictures from the order!
Everything needed to make 60 cupcakes!

Icing sugar went EVERYWHERE!

I was really happy with how they turned out and loved doing it! R.I.P. hand mixer, it couldn't quite handle the 5th batch of thick buttercream frosting! I really need to save up for the stand mixer, so I can do more orders!

Got a Logo!!

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Test Kitchen: Frosting

So, every time I follow the butter cream frosting recipe that I have, it always comes out very thin and doesn't hold it's shape. Until today!! I decided to leave the milk to the end and add very little amounts at a time, until I got the thickness I wanted. I hardly used any milk, only 15ml, and it came out the perfect consistency, just what I was looking for. Here are some photos of the frosting with the new piping set I got this weekend.

Star Swirl
Giant Star

Smooth Swirl

Which one do you like?

kMix vs KitchenAid

Which one is better?

I am trying to save up for one of these mixers but not sure which one to go for... HELP!

March 2012 - Update - I finally got my stand mixer and went with the kMix! LOVE IT!

Visit to Georgetown Cupcake

After watching their TV show and hearing good things from friends, I really wanted to try out Georgetown Cupcake. It was actually the first stop of our visit into the city. There wasn't a line out the door, so we were right in! There were so many yummy flavors to try out and I follow them on twitter, so I had the secret free flavor of the day to try as well. I tweeted the sisters telling them we were coming but they didn't respond, maybe meet them next time. We got four of the free secret flavor, coconut lime, and then ordered half a dozen: pumpkin spice, chocolate peanut butter swirl, red velvet, chocolate & vanilla, and chocolate ganache. I wish I could have tried all of them as they looked amazing. Out of the ones we bought, I tried the coconut lime, pumpkin spice, and chocolate peanut butter swirl. They were all wonderful. I really loved the secret flavor, coconut lime, great combination of flavors that I will have to recreate in my kitchen. I would also like to try making a pumpkin spice cupcake with yummy maple frosting. The chocolate peanut butter swirl was good but it was my least favorite out of the three I tried. The peanut butter filling in the middle was a bit too much.

I really enjoyed our visit to Georgetown Cupcakes. It is probably a good thing that I don't live in the Washington DC area anymore as I would have lots of cupcakes to exercise off! Maybe on our next visit, the sisters will give us a VIP tour. Until then I will keep baking... maybe one day I will have a shop of my own.