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Chocolaty Pretzel and Peanut Cookie Bars

Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year!!! 

I wanted to share this yummy Martha Stewart recipe with you. It was shared in a post of hers called "Sweet and Salty Dessert Recipes" collection. There are some really good recipes in there that I want to try out but I went with the Chocolaty Pretzel and Peanut Cookie Bars this time to bring over to our friend's house. It has in it all the flavours I love and I couldn't wait to try it out. It was fairly easy to make and you get about 20 cookie bars from the recipe. You have to have some patience with this one though as it takes awhile to cool and set fully. Just make sure you give it about 3 hours before slicing into bars, I didn't have that time, so it got a little messy. Even with it being a little messy, it turned out wonderful and was very yummy. Sweet, salty, and gooey goodness! I will be making this one again!! Check out the recipe here and try making it for your next gathering.