Pretzel O's

I was looking to use my newly purchased doughnut pan again for another recipe but I didn't want to make doughnuts. I was on the search and came upon this recipe, Pretzel Donuts. It was perfect and I couldn't wait to try it out. I have been wanting to make home-made pretzels for quite awhile now. I found the process of making the pretzels to be quite easy but time consuming. I enjoyed making them though and will definitely be trying out more pretzel recipes.  I made these Pretzel O's to take to a BBQ. Most people thought they were just normal doughnuts, so I had to keep explaining that they were actually pretzels. Everyone really enjoyed them but struggled to eat all of it as they are quite heavy and everyone was stuffed already from all the food at the BBQ. I had a few myself over a few days and loved them, they tasted exactly how a pretzel should and with the addition of sea salt and chocolate on top, they were AMAZING! Next time I would serve these as a snack as they were too filling to be eaten at a BBQ, or I now know to cut them in halves or quarters. Definitely check out this recipe and make these yummy treats soon!



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