My Attempt at Magic Cake... Not so Magical!

As soon as I saw the Magic Cake on pinterest, I knew that I wanted to try it out. If you have't seen it yet, it looks pretty intriguing and I made it this past week! They all look very yummy and surprisingly easy. I tried the plain "Magic" cake recipe, that describes it as one batter transformed like magic into three layers of cake, custard, and a more dense cake whilst baking. I really enjoyed making this cake and was excited to share it once baked and cooled. The cake took eighty minutes to achieve the golden crust as described in the recipe. I let it cool and sliced up some for desert. First thing I noticed was that mine didn't have three beautiful layers but one very thin cake crust and then one very thick custard like dense cake. I followed the recipe exactly but it did mention that it could turn out differently cause of ovens. I moved past the disappointment of not having the magical three layers and went in for the taste test. We got a taste that we were not expecting at all, it was not a sweet custard like cake but one that tasted like an egg omelette in a dense cake texture! My partner took one bite and gave me the plate back with a look of disgust... I was so disappointed that the cake was not nice. I tried to be objective and take a second bite... nope, still very eggy but it did leave a nice after taste once that flavour died down. I really didn't want to think that this cake had been a disaster, so gave it another chance, thinking maybe the flavours would all come together and taste better the next day. Nope, still bad and my bin got to enjoy the rest of the cake.

I love pinterest and will continue to try out recipes from there, but this one's flavour just did not work for me. Have you tried this recipe out or a similar one out? Any success or recommendations? 



  1. LOL! I had the very same experience with this "not so magical" cake.

  2. me too. failed to make this magic cake. but I will try next time.