September 2013 Recipe Roundup

Here are some new recipes that I have tried in the last month:

Ultimate Cookie Tower!
I made these for Shane's Birthday and wanted to try something different with a picture I saw on pinterest. These were AWESOME, so yummy and very easy to whip together. Use your favourite cookie recipe, preferably one that will turn out to be crunchy, top it with your favourite butter cream frosting, sprinkle something decorative on top, and stack! I used this cookie recipe, peanut butter butter cream frosting, and topped it with honey roasted salted peanuts. You could really use all different combinations for yummy results. However, I don't recommend trying to put 28 candles so close together... the flames were huge!

Oreo Peanut Butter Brownies
This is another recipe that I saw on pinterest and had to try out! I made it for a little get together and they didn't last long at all, everyone loved them. They are extremely easy to make and combine some of my favourite flavours. You can use a brownie box mix or your own brownie recipe just make sure it is a recipe for a 9x9in pan. 

Pumpkin Brownies
I can't remember if I saw this recipe on pinterest or not... it seems like pumpkin recipes have exploded in the past month on there. This is a super easy recipe that anyone could make and all you need are 2 ingredients, a can of puréed pumpkin (or from a fresh pumpkin) and brownie mix. I decided to add some cinnamon chips that have been in my cupboard forever waiting for the right recipe. I found them in the states when I was there earlier in the year but you can make a version of them at home as they can be hard to find. Well when I first tried these brownies I didn't really like them but they grew on me. They are extremely moist but mine didn't have the brownie crust at all which is my favourite part of a brownie. I would make it again as the flavours are good together and I now know not to expect the typical brownie results. 

Pumpkin Pie Syrup
I tried making some pumpkin spice syrup for making yummy lattes in the morning but it did not turn out well at all and was quite a messy process... :-/ Anyone have a recipe they tried out that was as good as Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte?

Tuna Ceviche
We first had this on holiday in Cornwall last year and loved it but I never attempted to make it at home until now. I have no idea why I waited so long! I based my recipe off of this one and just added a lot more into it. It was so good!! We ate it on top of a salad and with some tortilla chips for a bit of crunch. While the recipe is easy to make as it just involves a lot of chopping, it does take a few hours to "cook", so just bear that in mind when making it. 

Soy-glazed Tuna Steaks
I had to try out another tuna steak recipe but one where it was actually cooked by heat. I found this recipe on GoodFood but only used the marinade part of this recipe. The stores were shut so I couldn't get any bak choi for it and had to settle for normal salad and added some couscous to it. The marinade turned into a nice glaze while grilling the tuna steaks. I think I overcooked them just slightly but it still turned out very good. I would make it again, just need to perfect grilling the tuna. 



  1. wow I love cookies and that cookie tower looks amazing!! Definitely trying that out. peanut butter oreos? Yes please!! In fact I just bought some from America -real peanut butter flavoured oreos - didn't even know they exist until now. Still debating if I should eat them or bake with them. Maybe a bit of both :)

  2. i made the Soy-glazed Tuna Steaks and they were great. thank you for the recipe roundup!

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