Mojito Doughnuts

I recently bought a doughnut pan and wanted to come up with a creative idea, transforming my favourite drink, a mojito, into a doughnut. Of course someone has already tried this! I guess I need to think more outside the box. Instead of trying's recipe out completely. I modified the recipe that came with the pan and used a similar glaze to, to make my version of mojito doughnuts. First off, I had no idea doughnuts were so easy to make especially using this special pan. The recipe from the pan was just ok though... even with my slight changes, so I think next time I'll try a different one out. Although, these doughnuts were still tasty, with a slight taste of rum and then mint and lime to round it off! They quickly disappeared! Next time I try them out, I think I will make them even more boozier. I might even try out my favourite cupcake recipes and enjoy them in doughnut form. What is your favourite doughnut recipe?



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