I love Chipotle Chiles!!

I love chipotle chile peppers so much!! I discovered them a few years back and love adding them to recipes, I just love the smoky subtle heat that these chiles add to a dish. I use all versions of the chiles from its natural dry state to powder to sauce! It can sometimes be hard to find chipotle chile in shops in the UK, but you can easily find them on the internet. I just found one seller saying they can even be used in dessert recipes, I have yet to try that but really want to find a good recipe to try out... Chipotle Chile Chocolate cupcakes maybe?? Ok back to the reason why I am mentioning these chiles in a post. Have you ever heard of Chef John and Food Wishes? Well he is a very popular blogger and creates really great video recipes. I have been watching for a while now but just got around to actually making one of his recipes. We were having a Halloween get together this past weekend and I wanted to make chili again for it but wanted to try a new recipe out. I was watching Chef John's YouTube channel and found Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili, and it had CHIPOTLE CHILE POWDER in the recipe, so I decided to make it for the party. I pretty much followed the recipe and only changed a few things. In place of water I used pale ale and just over 2 cups of it, which is equal to a pint. I also wasn't watching the video when I made them so had to remember what to do from memory. Well I forgot to add the chipotle powder to the sweet potatoes when roasting them, so I decided to add them in when I was frying the onions up and I used about a tablespoon of it and less of the other chile powder added in later. Everything else I did pretty much followed the recipe. I had it simmering for quite awhile allowing all the flavors to come together and for the chili to thicken up! It was so GOOD! Everyone enjoyed it and it is a great vegetarian option to chili con carne! Try this recipe out... I need to make more of Chef John's recipes!

Check out Chef John's video recipe for Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili.



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