Some Of My Past Baking

I was having a browse through my pictures and found some from when I have baked in the past. Most of the pictures were taken with my mobile phone, so not the best quality. I have added a link to some of the pictures below. I wish I would have taken more pictures but will do for any future baking!

Monkey Bread
Shane's 25th birthday cake 2010 (Tunnel of Fudge)
Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes
Love making and eating Chocolate Pretzels

Mum-In-Law's birthday cake 2010
Vegan Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes

Vegan Marbled Cupcakes
Cinnabon Cake - Blobs

I love Baking!

Cinnabon Cake - Swirled
Cinnabon Cake - Baked
Cinnabon Cake - Iced

Spaghetti Pie