Mid-year update... I'm still alive!

I can't believe it is now June and I haven't posted any new posts this year!! It has been a bit of a crazy busy year so far and unfortunately my blog has been neglected. I started off the year being in the states, then right back into school, a little bit of work, became addicted to making green smoothies, a giant order of truffles for our friends' wedding, some pinterest DIY projects for the garden, and just returned from a trip to sunny Spain. It doesn't sound like much in one sentence but that has been the past 5 months for me. A majority of the time has been taken up with school but I am 15 credits closer to my degree with a 4.0 GPA for this past semester, a first for me! I start my summer courses this Monday and I know I will be busy, but I want to make time for my blog by trying to post at least once each month! Thank you for the visitors that continue to read my past posts and I hope you continue to come back! Hope everyone has a great summer, hope we get one in England this year!

The truffles I made for our friends' wedding
before being boxed up. Recipe

Green smoothies and school work... a typical day for me this year.
My fave smoothie recipes come from IncredibleSmoothies.com

2 of our garden projects recently completed. Thanks to Pinterest for the ideas,
love that site! We painted old plastic lawn chairs and made a table out of pallets!