Caramel Banana Brownies

I've been wanting to try out this idea ever since I did my Quick Easy Brownies post last month. I love caramel and bananas and thought it would be a great addition to my brownie recipe. I mashed a couple of bananas up with half a cup of caramel and swirled it into the brownie mixture. I adjusted the cooking time and hoped for the best. They came out looking great and I couldn't wait for them to cool so I could try it out. So it was time for a taste test... and well they tasted DISGUSTING!! I don't know what went wrong but it didn't work. No new recipe to share with this post, but am hoping someone out there has made caramel banana brownies or something similar and it turned out successful. If so, please share it in the comments section. I have one more brownie recipe planned and hope that one turns out ok! If not I'm just sticking with my original recipe as those tasted great!



  1. Maybe try roasting the bananas first? I haven't gotten around to trying this recipe yet, but as it's from a GBBO contestant I reckon it must be pretty good..

  2. I love brownies but have never tried making a caramel banana one. Shame about the taste as it looks good!

  3. Maybe try banana foster. Those do look good though. Good luck!