Cake Mug... again!

Shane loved last's night cake so much, that he made me make it again tonight! I had some caramel candy and decided to add those in. As you can see from the picture the caramel did not melt. The cake only cooks for a few minutes, so it was not long enough to melt the caramel. Next time I will chop the caramel up or make some fresh caramel sauce. The addition of fresh cream was really nice! This recipe is so easy and really good! This will be my go to recipe for when I need a little chocolate cake fix! What can I add to it next time?!


Vote for my mug cake on BakerStreet's bloghop at the bottom of this post!



  1. cake in a mug sounds fantastic!!! love the idea of adding caramel to the cake! thanks for participating in #cakelove bloghop!

  2. it is yummy! Thanks for allowing me to enter the #cakelove bloghop! I wasn't sure if I should because all the other cakes look so nice but this one is unique so I thought I would enter it!

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