Cola Cupcakes with Cola, Rum, & Lime Frosting!

So I was flicking through a friends new baking cookbook, Hummingbird Bakery: Cake Days, and I found COLA CUPCAKES!! I love cola gummy sweets and I had to make these so I photocopied the recipe. After making these, I ended up buying the book, a piping set, new scales, and new cupcake batter scooper a.k.a. an ice cream scooper. I am looking forward to making many more yummy recipes from this book.

I will try to find the recipe online and put it in the comments section. This is definitely one to try and I will be making this one a lot.  Am I allowed to post the recipes from the book??



  1. I have the book and have tried af few recipes so far, all of which have been lovely. I can't wait to try these, they caught my eye too.

  2. It is true that old fashioned and retro sweets are included in the menu on all sorts of celebrations and the meals cannot be considered complete without adding sweets and chocolaty flavors.